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Doxy, by Sonny Rollins, Study No.1 - A basic arrangement.

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

This is my arrangement of the Sonny Rollins tune, Doxy. This first instalment here is a simple pared-back way of approaching the song on solo piano. The left hand employs the root note of each chord, followed by the third and seventh of the chord - emphasising the 4/4 time-feel. This creates a rhythmic accompaniment similar to stride piano but more simple to execute. If you want to work through this trio of studies try learning this first version quite thoroughly. The left hand in particular should be learnt so that it can be played with little effort. In my next post I will show how the left hand can be utilised in a more rhythmically interesting way. A way that will enhance and enliven the right hand. In the third I will show the possibilities for approaching improvisation while maintaining the left hand accompaniment. Enjoy!

Download PDF • 29KB

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