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Doxy, Study No.2: Left hand rhythm

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Here is a more evolved version of the original workout. It is meant to be evocative of a

bebop left hand approach. With bebop, the bass and drums define the 4/4 time-feel, with the piano's left hand feeding and enhancing the rhythm of the melody in the right hand. I would encourage you to become familiar with the relationship between the rhythm of the melody and the left hand chords, and how the two relate.

Further Experiments:

Try to vary the rhythm of the left hand - I've quickly sketched just one possible way of breaking up the left hand rhythm. There may be better options. Notice that the left hand can use the root of the chord AND/OR the third and the seventh or the root and 3rd/root and seventh as a means to mark the passing harmonies. Sometimes a harmony is ignored, skipped over. In places I've used full block chords - as in the Eb7 and E diminished chords in bars 11 and 12. All of these options can be swapped around, chopped and changed as the fancy takes you... HOWEVER, when practicing it can help to have a basic idea of what you will do in advance. What is being practiced here is rhythm and it's best to hone in on that one element rather than get distracted by being overly creative in multiple directions. If you change or swap something change it deliberately and see how each change sounds and feels. You may even think about slightly altering the rhythm of the melody in places. This is something that can work really well if it's done judiciously.

Doxy Left hand workout
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