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Tea For Two - For Solo Piano

For all my site visitors - here is a free arrangement for you! It is one I give to my piano students to learn. Usually, I prefer to teach pieces without using music concentrating on musical concepts and aural awareness. However, sometimes it is nice to have a written arrangement and for students with the ability to read music it can be a help and a diversion. In my arrangements for students I try to incorporate concepts and techniques that we already learn in the lesson through other pieces and technical drills. In Tea For Two there are several ideas:

  1. Left hand plays root and 7 or root and 3rd (shell voicing), as accompaniment to the right hand melody.

  2. Left hand plays root and 10th or root and 7th - the broken 'stride' section.

  3. three note voicing incorporating the melody.

  4. As a rhythmic study the piece moves to a 3/4 feel in which a jazz waltz rhythm is played between the two hands.

  5. As a technical study there is a broken arpeggio played between two hands.

  6. Finally, a little history and a talking point - a quote from a Willie The Lion Smith and Fats Waller-style ending for the piece - the rolling boogie-woogie-like left hand line.

Download PDF • 47KB

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