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Almost Like Being In Love, a lick study.

Hey, here is a study I give to my students in SETU. It includes a few of the common phrases found in jazz improvisation - 'licks'. Licks are often frowned upon by jazz musicians and it's true they can tend to make playing sound somewhat formulaic. However, I believe that they are essential for helping you understand the language of jazz; from some of the more basic licks - which are no more really than concepts - a richer language can be built. The work here, is in understanding and practicing putting those licks into an appropriate context. It's also useful to be curious about different places for putting them - especially the more basic ones. Once you have 'em try them on other tunes over other chords, use different rhythms.... ... Finally and... ALSO, let's be honest here, licks can be really handy for those days and gigs when nothing seems to be sticking, nothing seems to come right - you're tired, stressed and you just need to 'phone it in'!

Almost Like Being In Love Study
Download PDF • 400KB

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