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Using Triads for Modal Improv

I'm posting up here a video from one of my online lessons. In this I am discussing how triads can be used as a conceptual aid for finding textures within a given harmony. In the video the harmonic area is Am7 or, as I discuss, a general A minor soundscape. The thing about using triads is that they are simple to play yet can provide a wealth of options simply by altering the inversion and/or contrasting with other triads. In this video I am explaining how over an Am7 chord you could use either G, E or D triads. You could also use a C major triad, and minor triads. The point is, the shape of the triad allows you to conceive of ideas from a top-down perspective - accompanying what you'd like to have at the top of your chord allowing subtle variations in timbre underneath. This can often be a problem with static harmony and using triads is one way to combat this problem of things getting a bit 'samey'.

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