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WJW 2015

2015 was great year; we had the late Louis Stewart, Dublin City Jazz Orchestra, Laoise O'Hanlon with the Phill Collins Trio, Gypsy Swing, and a rhythm workshop with Steve Kelly from RTE concert orchestra.

WJW 2015

Report of September 2015 Weekend

The festival commenced on Thursday 3rd of September in The Reg Bar. The attendance was moderate but interested.
We had music outdoor every lunchtime (Fri – Sun), open to the general public these were very well attended with estimates of between 1 and 2 hundred passing with about 100 staying to watch the entire concerts and availing of the service provided by Munster Bar.

The concert (Dublin Dity Jazz Orchestra) in association with the Waterford Symphony Club was a sell-out, clearly helped by the co-operation between our two artistic endeavors.

Our headliner Louis Stewart, was very popular and very well attended, again surpassing the 100 mark.

Sunday’s concert - Laoise O’Hanlon and The Phill Collins Trio - did well with between 50 and 100 in attendance.

Each evening we held smaller gigs in peripheral venues which all did splendidly easily filling each place and creating a great festival vibe.

The workshop did very well indeed; given the day and time we were obliged to stage it at (12pm Sunday of the all-Ireland final!). There was an attendance of 20 young and mature ‘students’ all of whom enjoyed and learnt from it.

Overall, the attendance was up on last year despite the clash with Electric Picnic festival. Anecdotally, word is getting around about the weekend in this our second year. We would hope to improve this year on year especially if we can create and finance other advertising options. Estimates in excess of 1000 at all concerts combined.

All gigs were free of charge.

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